Agenda July 14: ideaLab Heritage meets for the first time

I hope you took a moment to read the “idea lab forms” section. Here’s the agenda from our first meeting. Minutes of meeting to be posted tomorrow (or rather later today as it’s after midnight).

July 14
Two tasks from my perspective

How to use the iPhone, iPad and Netbook to better deliver news, interact with readers, market and sell the product and sell advertising.

How will readers use the iPhone, iPad and Netbook to access news, participate in the media landscape and join the conversation.

What needs to be done initially

Research these tools and discover what they can do. Visit Apple store and talk to experts, talk to users of the products (particularly news consumers) and research online before the technology arrives.

Blogs to check out: Buzz Machine, Reinventing the Newsroom, The Scoop, Press Think.

More blogs to check out?

Talk to all of the stakeholders at Heritage: News, advertising, circulation, marketing, production and online. Find out what changes they would like to see in how they do their jobs. How could using this technology make them more efficient, creative, immediate and connected, and how they think customers will use this technology to connect with us.

Brainstorm ideas of how to better serve readers through this technology. What do readers and advertisers want? Links to audio clips to accompany stories; podcasts; live streaming video chats; ability for “key communicators” (who we give passwords and access) to directly upload local news content (community events, business accolades, college honors, engagements/weddings/births/anniversaries); more reader submitted photos and video; stories online more quickly; live chats or tweets from government meetings and court hearings; a program that allows ad reps to create an ad on the spot with business owners; create more opportunities for businesses to sell their products online (a virtual ride in a new car or chat with a doctor accepting new patients); more interactive marketing; customer rewards program.

ideaLab-Heritage participants
News: Rene Cizio, Angie Favot, Jana Miller and Lisa Allmendinger
Web/news: Jason Alley and Renee Roullier (pending)
IT: Jessica Spitulski
Advertising: Donna Genaw
News junkie and freelance reporter: Art Aisner
Academia: Michael McVey
Intern/high school student: Carlina Duan (pending)
High school student and award-winning movie critic: Ryan Michaels (pending)
More may be added

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One Comment on “Agenda July 14: ideaLab Heritage meets for the first time”

  1. Rene Cizio Says:

    I’m excited to see the ways this equipment will aid/better the work we all do. Let’s go!

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