Minutes from our first advisory board meeting

The advisory group met July 14 at The News-Herald in Southgate for an introductory meeting and to get things rolling.

Reporter Anne Sullivan hasn’t used the Apple products we will be getting, but is excited to start. She has been frustrated while out on her beat and has an hour in between stories, but not enough time to get to the office, write it and post it. She would love to stop off at a coffee shop or another location in between assignments to file stories faster. The Netbook will allow her to experiment with this technology and achieve our goals of digital first.

Reporter Renee Cizio thinks the technology will enable her to provide more local coverage, while also incorporating citizen journalism. As she speaks with the people at the core of her stories, they can participate more in the story, whether it’s via Ustream (she is wondering if you can do live video with the iPhone). While covering a meeting, she records it and then returns to the office to translate it into notes, and then writes her article. With the new technology, she would like to explore recording audio segments for her online piece and getting her stories online faster by writing the story on the spot.

Getting in touch with the stakeholders
The following assignments were made and members plan to report back in two weeks about their conversations with other stakeholders.

Advertising representative Donna Genaw will talk to folks in advertising and marketing to see how they think the Apple products can help them in their jobs.

Online editor Jason Alley will speak with online and circulation. He said one of online’s goals is to make our websites more mobile friendly, with mobile applications.

Reporter Anne Sullivan will speak to people in the news department.

Editor Michelle Rogers will talk to production and diagramming.

Brainstorming Notes
Donna is particularly interested in using the iPad to help in advertising sales. She wants the ability to bring her customers’ ads to them on the iPad and they can physically make the changes in person, rather than marking up a faxed copy with step-by-step instructions. She wonders if there’s a program available where, in sticky note format, changes can be noted or if they can get the original ad and make the changes on the spot and send it back to production.

Donna also would like to see a program in which the user clicks one button to push her customers’ ads out to the Web, Twitter and Facebook.

Jason wants to see more options for staff and give everyone the tools to achieve digital first.

The board will meet in two weeks. Michelle will send e-mail to everyone reminding them.

In the meantime, everyone will research the products we will be receiving and discuss what they learned and what we should look into further. We feel our discussions will evolve and become more advanced as we learn more and experiment.

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