Audio Post Test

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6 Comments on “Audio Post Test”

  1. McVey Says:

    Is there a way to make each post include the name of the author. I assume that was Michele’s voice I heard.

    Next, what mic did you use to record your audio post? Built in or an external one?


  2. Hi, Michael. Yes, it was Michelle’s voice. You can change the headline, so I could write: Michelle’s Audio Blog Test. I am not sure about posting an author’s name, but maybe through the headline. Something you could play around with in WordPress. The mic was actually my cellphone. I called the phone number you can find in this blog (or I can e-mail you instructions) and then entered our secret code. You then record a message, or you could interview someone, etc.

  3. McVey Says:

    Thanks, Michelle. In one of my WordPress blogs ( there is a setting to automatically post the author’s name – I think that’s something the admin must set up. With so many participants and folks like me who don’t know you (y’all) yet, it might be helpful.

  4. I looked around and didn’t see anything that was obvious. I wonder if it doesn’t leave my name because I am the administrator. Test it out and see if it leaves your name. Or if you know what I need to change, give me instructions. Thanks.

  5. Ah. I see what’s happening. You have replaced your name with “ideaLab Heritage” in your profile. I believe everyone else will show based on what they have in their profile.

    Dashboard > Profile > My profile > Display name publicly as . . .

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