Ideas flowin’ in PA

I am in the lobby of the Radisson waiting on my Michigan cohorts on barely four hours of sleep after a dinner party last night to kick off our ideaLab meeting in Yardley. It’s not that the dinner went terribly late or the after party at the hotel bar made for a late night. It’s that the dinner party conversation was so stimulating and invigorating that I had all kinds of ideas flowin’ that I didn’t sleep very well.

So at our meeting, to be held this morning at JRC’s corporate headquarters, I may be a little sleep deprived, but excited to hear more about the ideas shared last night as a teaser for what’s to come today.

I’ll report back this evening.

Signing off for now from my iPad, which makes for very easy blogging, especially when the Wi-Fi is free. Thanks Raddison!

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2 Comments on “Ideas flowin’ in PA”

  1. Jason Alley Says:

    Those wanting to watch the JRC ideaLab meeting, check out

  2. Follow the Tweets using #JRCidealab

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