QR codes- unlocking more media

QR- or “quick response” codes are popping up everywhere these days.

You see them on restaurant menus, TV commercials and magazine ads. I even saw one on the back of a Pepsi truck a few weeks ago. The codes allow anyone with a Smartphone and a code reading app to scan the code and be redirected to a website with exclusive content.

These codes can be used in our published papers as a way to link people with our digital offerings. For instance, I used a QR code on the front page of the A2 Journal sports section, along side a story about the MHSAA state golf tournament. When scanned, the code would redirect the reader to a photo slideshow of the tourney. These codes could be a great way to supplement our print edition with media and get hits on the websites.

Creating and implementing the codes is insanely easy.

Using the Kaywa QR-Code Generator, which is found here, the creation process is pretty much just cutting and pasting the link of the site you want the code to send readers when scanned.

After that, the code just becomes an image that can be saved, toned and put on a page.

Again, it’s incredibly easy, but if you need some reference material, check this out.

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