A quick overview of iMovie for those looking to learn the basics

Huge disclaimer: I’m no iMovie or video expert. Everything here is what I picked up on my own doing. If I’ve gotten something wrong, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll correct it.

With a bigger push coming for more higher-quality news videos, I’ve compiled a quick presentation on the basic use of iMovie, software many journalists will use to edit video.

While I’ve always been a bigger fan of using Final Cut to edit video, I realize that’s not a possibility for all newsrooms. Most will have iMovie, though, and so I’ve created a presentation for our staff here on the basics of iMovie, including editing clips, adding text and inserting b-roll into clips. If you’re looking for the basics, or have forgotten something, I’ve embedded my presentation below as a refresher.

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One Comment on “A quick overview of iMovie for those looking to learn the basics”

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