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A reporter using the iPad

January 3, 2011

Note: Another post by contributor Jodie Mason.

I was definitely one of those people who snubbed the idea of the iPad at first. The idea of spending $500 on a device that can’t print like a laptop or take photos like my phone seemed insane to me.

But after spending about two weeks with the iPad, I can honestly say that is no longer the case.
First off, the start-up time can’t be beat. Unlike my laptop, which seems to get slower by the day, I can be online in seconds, checking my e-mail or using the various applications.

One thing in particular that I enjoyed about the iPad was the large screen. I am an owner of the Evo 4G, and with its 4-inch screen, it was an improvement from my previous phone. But I still have issues reading downloaded attachments and checking to see if my photos looked good.

With the iPad, I can see everything on a large screen, and it’s much easier to type on the larger keypad. I am still getting comfortable with typing on a touch screen, but I found that turning it sideways helped.

I look forward to the opportunity to use applications like CoverItLive to live-blog events and discover other applications that will allow me the opportunity to appeal to a wider readership.

Overall, the iPad is a welcomed tool for my work.

Two out three ain’t bad

August 6, 2010

They’re here! Well, two out of the three special products we’ve been waiting on have just arrived via FedEx. The iPad is currently charging and the HP Mini Netbook is out of its box and staring at me. If I didn’t have a bunch of editing to do and early pages for pagination to set up, I’d jump on it now. But, for now, it will continue to stare at me until I can break free later tonight. All that’s left is the iPhone and we are totally in business. A coworker asked me my about my weekend plans yesterday. Well, now I know.

Another bite of the Apple

August 5, 2010

The ideaLab Heritage team took a second bite of the Apple today, checking out the iPhone and asking follow-up questions about the iPad a week after our first meeting with Matt Tunstall, a business specialist with Apple at the company’s store in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor.

The iPhone appears to be an essential tool for any mobile journalist. You can shoot video on it and edit it right on the phone using iMovie, and then upload it directly to your website as it automatically compresses the video’s size for the web. While you can add B roll and fold it into your main interview, you can’t add voiceover to tell the story, but you could e-mail the video to yourself and do that on your Mac at home or the office using a more sophisticated version of iMovie.

In addition, you can record an interview using audio to complement your written piece online, and take photos to go with it. The iPhone has everything you need to report a story nowadays, with audio recorder, video and photo capabilities, as well as Internet access to upload the content directly to the website. This will be particularly beneficial for breaking news.

Furthermore, you can synch up your iPhone and iPad, and use the iPad for writing your story or converting your audio to text using a voice-to-text app. Tunstall recommended “Drag and Dictation,” a free app. Other recommendations included “Write Pad” to convert handwritten notes on the iPad, as well as a dictionary app, “Pen Ultimate” and “Documents to Go.”

Members of our group asked for specific recommendations for journalists. He suggested we Google search “best journalism apps for iPad.”

After last week’s scolding for taking notes with pen and paper, this time I captured video of our tutorial. Check out these two clips.