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Evernote software introduction

August 3, 2011

Do you make notes to yourself? How do you retain and retrieve them? Over the years, I learned that when I wrote down assignments, they got done – eventually.

I’ve learned that problem-resolving is often a process. Sometimes it takes several steps, and several people, to resolve an assignment.

So I had several 3×5 pads at home and at work to make notes to myself. I found that the safest place to keep them was in my wallet.

Absent a computer or a smartphone, it worked for me. But I learned recently about a software called Evernote and provided a brief introduction to it to the Heritage West staff. It allows one to take notes, record audio and snap photos on your smartphone, with access to it all from your computer, where it’s automatically shared via the Evernote application.

Check out Getting Started on Evernote for tips on how to get the most out of Evernote.

P.S. – I got a smartphone a few weeks ago. I recorded all my notes on Evernote on the smartphone, and threw away this morning about seven slips of 3×5 paper. I still have much to learn, but I’m making progress.


July 8, 2011

Submitted by Austen Smith

Recently, I made a presentation to fellow staff about, a social media driven timeline tool that allows users to post and share images, video, audio and much more. When you upload files under your own account, those files are quickly coordinated into individual “Moments,” and all of those moments make up your entire Capzle. See below to read through my presentation:




What can you use the application for? is a social networking site that allows users to tell a story using pictures, video clips, audio tracks and text. Users are given the ability to place this media, called “moments”, together chronologically in a timeline. The result is called a “capzle”. Any of the moments can be viewed individually, or all of the moments can be viewed in progression. Users can share their capzles or individual moments with their friends by sending an email link or by inviting them to join the site. The site has the usual social networking features of being able to search and view user’s profiles and to send messages between users. Users have a My Stuff tab on the navigation bar which allows them to view their friends, messages, capzles, profile, favorite capzles and favorite moments. The Create tab on the navigation bar gives users access to the capzle creation applet used by the site. This applet allows users to easily add a title, description, and tags to their capzles. Users then add their media moments individually and choose the background colors and theme to be used with the capzle. Users can also add an audio track to be played in the background as their capzle is viewed. The capzle creation applet is very well designed and easy to use.



–          Users can attach audio/background music and video clips to their moments

–          Users can share their entire Capzle timeline or the individual moments

–          A number of different files can be uploaded into each individual moment such as images, videos, MP3s, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files

–          More social networking features like being able to invite friends through e-mail and searching for users on the site and messaging

–          More design usage, users can choose different background colors and themes for their timelines

–          All in all, Capzles seems to be more multi-media friendly than Dipity




  1. Log in screen
  2. Create new Capzle: Add title and description, you can make the title any color you want
  3. Tags and categories: There are many tags, categories and sub-categories that you can attach to your Capzle that will help people browse through the site. Here I chose Babies and Kids.
  4. Add Content: Here is where the rubber meets the road for Capzles as this is where you can upload your files which includes images, videos, MP3s, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. All of the files can be set into the que at once and you need only hit the upload button once. The site will automatically take each file and create individual moments which make up your Capzle.  I uploaded close to 30 mb of data here and it took about 10-12 minutes, and that included a 20 second video. Other options for your moments are to add a “Stack” of files, meaning multiple files that can be scrolled through in one moment, and you can also submit blog entries.
  5. Add title/description to “Moments:” After your content is uploaded, you can go through each file, or “Moment,” and put a title, description and tag. And in each Moment, there are options to add a date/time, mapping info, technical information (about the device used to produce the file) and the option to set the privacy level. Your files can be made public, friends only or private which Is pretty self explanatory.
  6. At this point, the basic Capzle is done for the most part and now you have several options to jazz it up with background design and music. They have many different patterns you can choose from for your design and even a function that allows you to create your own. Background music can be uploaded as MP3 from your computer.